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BARBARIAN DIVING & MARINE SERVICES / PUMP & PIPES offers customers a full suite of services for the oil and gas industry in Africa. As a Namibian company doing business since 2016, we have a unique perspective on the local onshore and offshore industry, particularly in the Namibian and Angolan fields.

Recently certified for ISO 9001 standard, our dedicated Quality Control/Quality Assurance team is spearheading the effort to maintain the strictest quality at every step of our projects.

As a African company, we understand the stringent application processes and have consistently demonstarted the capability to obtain all
necessary visas for projects and to import equipment and materials in a timely manner.

We are dedicated to cultivating these high standards of quality safety and added value to provide superior support to our Clients, while offering
competitive pricing.


  • Design/Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Mounts/Scaffolding
  • Civil Construction
  • Cleaning and Maintenance of Onshore and Offshore Production & Drilling Facilities
  • Project Management/Technical Supervision
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We specialize in metal structure assembly, welding of pipelines, tanks, construction, engineering and Project management and providing highly
qualified & professional personnel.

Our engineers design the project to customers’ unique requirements. Drawing from our pool of skilled personnel, we recruit and place the appropriate Professional Personnel for the project. In addition, we provide technical supervisors, project managers and strong administrative support base.

Our staff is use to working in challenging environments and we bring specialized experience and up-to-date techniques and know-how to meet the challenge. We meet all industry standards on our projects and provide the utmost level of attention to detail. Superior quality and sustainable
value have contributed greatly to our customers’ satisfaction and have led us to be a partner of choice in the international market.

  • Fabrication work from carbon steel, aluminum and Stainless Steel and Duplex Material’s
  • Design of structural and piping material
  • Welding and Fabrication of pipelines, tanks etc.
  • Pipe spool Fabrication of Production Piping
  • Carpenter and plumbing services
  • Electrical services
  • Provision of construction crews
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning of production facilities
  • Provide Installation and all required equipment for onshore and offshore assemblies
  • Construction installation of scaffolding
  • Installation of Fire and Safety Systems
  • Provide highly skilled labor force for all your Installation needs
  • Rentals of forklifts with operator services
  • Large truck services with certified drives
  • Cleaning and maintenance for Oil & Gas Faculties
  • Sandblasting and painting services
  • Hydro testing of pipes and equipment for strength and leaks
  • Pipe testing inspection
  • Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) water blasting
  • Construction crews
  • Pipeline and platform abandonment and removal
  • Maintenance crews Fabrication

All peronnel undergo rigorous training to stay up-to-date on SOPs and best practices in the industry to best serve our customers. We understand
that just as important, we need to keep them current on health, safety and environmentally conscious practices (HSE) to this end we make use of
HSE training including basic safety training and first aid, firefighting, dealing with hazards, electrical safe work practices, HUET and offshore

Barbarian Diving & Marine Services / Pump & Pipes is an African company, with a goal to continue supporting local economy. We have a strong
focus on hiring appropriate local candidates and training them to be highly skilled project managers, technical supervisors, fabricators and
installation and maintenance crew members.